Book Events in Indianapolis: Jul 30-Aug 1!

Book Events for TimeBangers

Luna Teague and I are excited to announce that we’ll be making appearances in Indianapolis next week for some book events during Gen Con! We’d be super excited if any of you were in the area and decided to drop in and see us! We’ll have a few little freebies to pass out and you’d sure make our day by showing up!

Thu Jul 30, 8:00 PM: Gen Con: Luna will appear in “This Dorkington Life.” (event details)

Fri Jul 31, 6:00 PM: The two of us will appear for a dedicated TimeBangers event at Silver in the City on Friday July 31, where Luna will perform a reading from the book, and we will both be available for signings, questions, and general conversation. (event details)

Sat: Aug 1, 8:00 PM: Gen Con: Luna will appear in “Deeper Dickens II: The Dickening.” (event details)


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